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Just whining about stuff

I could’ve picked anything, and I picked a mac mini. I don’t know why, maybe its because aside from a Mac Pro its the only mac i’ve never had, and my macbook air had just pooped on me, and my previous iMacs weren’t so spectacular…or so I thought.

I’ve been an apple junkie since ’06. I had always heard how they were superior ‘artist’ machines. Oh how I wanted to be a superior artist!  I got my first one (imac) as a gift, and I bought my second one (macbookpro) brand new. I was hooked. All my softwares had their mac counterparts and switching the licenses wasn’t a problem.

But fast-forward to today, and I have no idea what’s going on with Apple. The drivers my software and hardware need do not come updated or compatible with today’s demands. Still pay top dollar, but for what? Limitations on my hardware, I can’t even upgrade my ram because they soldered it to the motherboard. OpenCL driver is old and can’t be overridden, so my software can’t use any acceleration.

Super buyer’s remorse! Wish I had pieced together a pc so that I could drop a new video card in if needed, upgrade ram, and hard drive space. Windows is still stupid, but at least I’d get something done, instead of have time to write up a 4 paragraph rant while I wait on a super low quality test render to complete.