commission |kəˈmiSHən|(abbr.: >comm.) noun

  1. an instruction, command, or duty given to a person or group of people:his commission to redesign the building | he received a commission to act as an informer.
    • an order for something, especially a work of art, to be produced: Mozart at last received a commission to write an opera.

My Services

Book Covers

I can take your ideas, or brainstorm with you to come up with something you like. It can be a text-only cover, or a complete scene like fancy movie poster. Your choice, just make sure you let me know what you're looking for in the request form.

Product Promos

I can render promotional materials and artwork for products to intended to be sold in a marketplace such as Renderosity, Hivewire3D, or Daz3D. Please specify your product's requirements in the request form.

Custom Prints

Request a custom piece of artwork for yourself or a friend. Fairies, Vampires, Dragons, Comic book heroes & villains... Let your imagination run wild!

  • Bust portraits ($)
  • Single character fully dressed, simple background ($$)
  • Full scene, multiple characters ($$$)
Website / eStore

If you're an author, artist, vendor, or some other kind of creator in need of a website, you should consider my services. I can set you up with an elegant easy-to-use website within a couple hours of you deciding on a domain name. Showcase your artworks and create a portal for the world to get in touch with you - You too can have a commission request form just like you see on this page. Facebook and Twitter can integrate without effort so you can maintain a social presence.

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