Reality 4.1 Coming Soon

by | Sep 12, 2015 | 3d | 0 comments

“If I told you it was 10x faster, I’m sorry, I misled you, it’s 21x faster.”

Paolo from Pret-A-3D has produced an amazing update to Reality for DazStudio and Poser. Reality uses LuxRender, a Physics Based Renderer (PBR).

A few awesome things:

  • CPU & GPU Acceleration
  • Top Coat settings for Skin type
  • Multi-object/multi-surface manipulation
  • Automatic IRAY shader conversion
  • Use Bump and Normal maps together
  • Car paint presets

The only thing I am not excited about, is the fact that OS X does not have updated OpenCL drivers. It has been a longstanding issue, and Paolo has even sent an open letter to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, regarding the state of OpenCL on OS X. Paolo suggests if you are a mac user, to kindly email Mr. Cook and let him know there is a demand for updated ( and segregated ) OpenCL drivers.

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