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I could’ve picked anything, and I picked a mac mini. I don’t know why, maybe its because aside from a Mac Pro its the only mac i’ve never had, and my macbook air had just pooped on me, and my previous iMacs weren’t so spectacular…or so I thought.

I’ve been an apple junkie since ’06. I had always heard how they were superior ‘artist’ machines. Oh how I wanted to be a superior artist!  I got my first one (imac) as a gift, and I bought my second one (macbookpro) brand new. I was hooked. All my softwares had their mac counterparts and switching the licenses wasn’t a problem.

But fast-forward to today, and I have no idea what’s going on with Apple. The drivers my software and hardware need do not come updated or compatible with today’s demands. Still pay top dollar, but for what? Limitations on my hardware, I can’t even upgrade my ram because they soldered it to the motherboard. OpenCL driver is old and can’t be overridden, so my software can’t use any acceleration.

Super buyer’s remorse! Wish I had pieced together a pc so that I could drop a new video card in if needed, upgrade ram, and hard drive space. Windows is still stupid, but at least I’d get something done, instead of have time to write up a 4 paragraph rant while I wait on a super low quality test render to complete.


I’ve been a Logitech user since before 2006. I can’t pinpoint the year, but I know I was a logitech user in 2001. I’ve bought their webcams, mice, and keyboards and used them with my Windows based machines. I’ve always preferred Logitech over all the other brands out there, but that is no longer true. In 2006, I switched from Windows to Mac. Unfortunately, there is no other competitors out there making mac compatible peripherals, which is why its 2015, and I’m still using a Logitech K 750 Solar Mac keyboard. If you’ve ever had a mac and a k750 solar keyboard from Logitech, and use Spotify, then you probably already know the Rewind/FastForward keys have been broken for 3+ years.

I don’t even really know what to say about that. Logitech, how unprofessional. How disappointing. There are posts on Logitech’s support site dating back to 2012 regarding this specific issue with Spotify ( or any non iTunes music player ). Logitech doesn’t offer a solution, and they don’t even update their drivers for new OS releases. OS X Yosemite is FREE. Why hasn’t at least one of Logitech’s 9,000+ employees downloaded the Developer Preview and patched the drivers? It’s not like they have too many other mac-based softwares to update, the K 750 is only 1 out of 2 mac compatible keyboard products that Logitech offers.

If Logitech is wondering why their stock line looks so pitiful, its because their technical support, customer service, and reliability are all in the red. They need to google themselves, because the general consensus is that Logitech Sucks.

On that note, I am looking for a reliable company to buy my peripherals from. Any suggestions are welcome!