Reality 4.1 Coming Soon

“If I told you it was 10x faster, I’m sorry, I misled you, it’s 21x faster.”

Paolo from Pret-A-3D has produced an amazing update to Reality for DazStudio and Poser. Reality uses LuxRender, a Physics Based Renderer (PBR).

A few awesome things:

  • CPU & GPU Acceleration
  • Top Coat settings for Skin type
  • Multi-object/multi-surface manipulation
  • Automatic IRAY shader conversion
  • Use Bump and Normal maps together
  • Car paint presets

The only thing I am not excited about, is the fact that OS X does not have updated OpenCL drivers. It has been a longstanding issue, and Paolo has even sent an open letter to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, regarding the state of OpenCL on OS X. Paolo suggests if you are a mac user, to kindly email Mr. Cook and let him know there is a demand for updated ( and segregated ) OpenCL drivers.

i13’s IDL Freedom – 3D Review

i13’s IDL Freedom – 3D Review

I’ve been struggling with a good setup for using IDL in PoserPro 2014. After a few days, I finally conceded and made a purchase that I instantly did not regret. Ironman13’s light & prop set IDL Freedom comes with a lot of great preloads, and is incredibly easy to customize. To sweeten the deal, ironman13 included a wonderfully informative help guide.

If you’re struggling with Poser’s lighting system after hanging out in DazStudio (*cough*) or you’re just new to the entire thing and need a solid lighting rig, look no further.

IDL Freedom by ironman13

ZBrush 4r7 – Nanomesh looks awesome

I have got so many little artworks in progress, and there’s so many things I want to learn about modeling & animation, using ZBrush and Daz Studio.

I’ve been looking for an affordable particle generator for awhile now, so I’m really excited to hear my current zBrush version got an upgrade that includes one!