Just whining about stuff

I could’ve picked anything, and I picked a mac mini. I don’t know why, maybe its because aside from a Mac Pro its the only mac i’ve never had, and my macbook air had just pooped on me, and my previous iMacs weren’t so spectacular…or so I... read more

Reality 4.1 Coming Soon

“If I told you it was 10x faster, I’m sorry, I misled you, it’s 21x faster.” Paolo from Pret-A-3D has produced an amazing update to Reality for DazStudio and Poser. Reality uses LuxRender, a Physics Based Renderer (PBR). A few awesome things: CPU & GPU... read more

i13’s IDL Freedom – 3D Review

I’ve been struggling with a good setup for using IDL in PoserPro 2014. After a few days, I finally conceded and made a purchase that I instantly did not regret. Ironman13’s light & prop set IDL Freedom comes with a lot of great preloads, and is... read more

ZBrush 4r7 – Nanomesh looks awesome

I have got so many little artworks in progress, and there’s so many things I want to learn about modeling & animation, using ZBrush and Daz Studio. I’ve been looking for an affordable particle generator for awhile now, so I’m really excited to... read more

Vietnamese Pho is my new crack

Had some beef Pho today for the first time. Is it weird to eat Pho twice in one day? Going to try this at-home recipe so I don’t become such a regular at the local... read more

Logitech, You’re Still Really Sucking

I’ve been a Logitech user since before 2006. I can’t pinpoint the year, but I know I was a logitech user in 2001. I’ve bought their webcams, mice, and keyboards and used them with my Windows based machines. I’ve always preferred Logitech over... read more

Welcome to Kat Land!

So I’m just gonna have a whole lot of random stuff up here, because I am a pretty random person. You can read more about me here. read more